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ETF blog logoBatteries have a growing importance in our lives. From mobile phones, laptops and of course, the largest new trend is electric vehicles that require sizeable batteries to enable range and large battery storage for renewable power.

For investors looking to benefit from this trend the main batteries being used are lithium-ion, a technology that has been around since 1985. Their stability and ability to be small in size have seen them take over as the world’s preferred battery technology. Between 1991 and 2018 the price for a lithium-ion battery (in dollars per kWh) fell around 97% while energy density increased three-fold. we see this best in our ever-shrinking movie phones.

However, accessing lithium is not easy for a local investor even though there are some mining companies in the space, most notable locally we have Sibanye-Stillwater*. Sibanye-Stillwater is increasing its stake in Keliber, a Finnish mining and battery chemical company. But this will take some years before production and is currently only a small part of the overall Sibanye-Stillwater group.

This Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) focuses on lithium as the input as well as the finished profit, that is battery technology.

The top holding at just under 10% is Albemarle, a global speciality chemicals company with leading positions in lithium, bromine, refining catalysts and applied surface treatments.

The Top 10 holdings are as below;

Lithium & Battery Tech ETF Top 10 holdings

Lithium & Battery Tech ETF Top 10 holdings

Interestingly the top country is China at 36% while the US is second at 23.9%. This is a large change over the last year as China has dropped from over 50% and the US risen.

Our view?

I like this. Battery tech, and lithium, are definitely a large part of our future. The journey will be bumpy and new battery types may emerge in time, but for a long-term hold, this is a great-looking ETF. As the chart below shows, it has been doing well as of late after many years of going nowhere.

Simon Brown

* The writer holds shares in Sibanye-Stillwater

ETF name Lithium & Battery Tech ETF
ETF issuer Global X
Issue date 22 July 2010
Total investment cost (TER) 0.75%
ETF Benchmark Solactive Global Lithium Index
Tax-free savings account No – offshore
Number of holdings 39
Market cap US$3.13billion
Performance 1 year (annualised) -17.3%
Performance 3 years (annualised) +29.8%
Performance 5 years (annualised) +10.1%
Performance 10 years (annualised) +8.8%
Dividend yield 1.08%

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