Podcast: Should we worry about the listing boom?

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  • simon sharesLots of new listings hitting the JSE. Here’s my 5 words on each and at the bottom of the post we have a video on finding ten baggers.
    • Sygnia – have applied and will sell (we featured Sygnia in JSEDirect 185 & 187, use player below to listen).
    • Balwin – also applied and will hold.
    • Waco – bad sector, stay far away.
    • Trellidor – why owners selling if great?
    • Capital Appreciation – SPACS not my investment style.
    • Capital and Regional – prefer property via an ETF.
  • Platinum stocks are all over the place, Lonmin (JSE Code: LON) has doubled since low of 29 September 2015. Aquarius Platinum (JSE code: AQP) is being bought by Sibanye Gold (JSE code: SGL) and Implats (JSE Code: IMP) has raised their R4billion just below current share price. But sector remains tough. The bounce is in part from very over sold and rumours of more deals.

Craig Gradidge, Investment and Retirement Planning Specialist at Gradidge Mahura Investments
A question from Sharon (below) asks, how much to save for retirement? The immediate answer seems easy, the often touted 15%. But is that true? Surely as we’re all different we all need different answers? So Craig helps us unpack it all.

We Get Mail

How do I calculate how much money I need to invest monthly in order to retire? Also how to optimise the capital growth of one’s ETF portfolio? I have been listening to your webinars since 2011. It has been such a help. In 2011 we had 2 bonds to pay off and a car. Since 2014 we are debt free. By learning from your webinars I find you can focus where your money goes ! and make the necessary sacrifices/changes. My problem is that I am so busy squirrelling the money away that I do not set enough fun money aside for my husband and I to do things we could enjoy doing together.Sharon

Satrix Divi+ (JSE code: STXDIV). This ETF selling for under R2.00. My ETF time horizon is long term. The price is so low, I want to buy but think there may be something wrong with this ETF. Would you recommend buying? Is this asking price “normal”?Robert

Today I shorted my first ever position based the news that SAB Miller have rejected the AB Inbev offer. When the news about the initial offer broke, there was that sharp increase in the price. So my (fairly inexperienced) expectation was that with this offer falling through, that the share price would drop down to where it was a month or so ago. This however has not happened, what is the factor that I have not considered? I am not saying that the JSE is broken. But right now, that’s what it feels like.George

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