Podcast: Onelogix, Metair, Consolidated Infrastructure and market corrections

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  • Onelogix
    • The share has pulled back from 650c to sub 500c and is looking attractive and having bought a refrigerated logistics company and opened a new facility in KZN.
  • Metair
    • More than just a battery company their international operations really are the future.
  • Consolidated Infrastructure Group
    • Another stock tat has pulled back and is offering value. Results due in a few weeks should indicate how the AES in Angola is doing with the lower oil price. We’ll check the results and if we like will be buying.

We get mail

  • Matthew
    • Another friend of mine said best is to take all funds out the market and put into cash and quite a bit into commodities like gold. JSE is not doing well and I should be looking to hedge, problem is I’m new to this game and unsure what I should really push for in markets as volatile as this.
  • Andre
    • What could be the effect if; 1.The Chinese Yuan replaces the US $ as the quoted price for oil. 2.The US $ depreciates to half its current value. 3.US interest rates increase by 5 percentage points.

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