Podcast: How many shares in an ideal portfolio?

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Simon shares

  • There’s no change in MPC rates. It seems increases will be very gradual. Maybe only 1 or 2 increases in 2016.
  • Taste (TAS) hit 525c on the back of the Starbucks announcement. It now down at 400c, what’s happening? Buy on rumour, sell on fact.
  • What to do with your SABMiller (SAB) shares? I would take the money and run.
  • How many shares should one have in a portfolio?

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    • My Aveng (AEG) position is off 71%, what should I do? Buy more, hold or sell?
  • Tariq
    • When trading the Alsi, what time frame is the best when looking at the charts? is the 1 minute chart just noise? In your experience, which indicator has produced the best results for the Alsi?

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