How big are our ETFs?

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Our Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) market on the JSE stands at some R125billion, which is in one sense a large number. For comparison that is a little larger than Absa, a giant banking group with hundreds of branches and almost 40,000 staff.

But then considering that Coronation ai just one active manager has assets under management of R633.8billion – it’s tiny. Further, compare this to the USA where the ETF market is reportedly US$6.6trillion against a total market value of some US$26.6trillion. That makes the passive market almost a quarter of the overall market.

Locally JSE listed stocks are valued a just under R20trillion so our ETF market is very small at less than 1% of the entire market value. That makes it sound absolutely tiny and it is.

Below is the top 5 ETFs with a corresponding sized listed share;


Market cap

Corresponding share

NewGold R17.6billion PSG
Satrix40 R11.1billion Tsogo Sun Gaming
NewPlatinum R7.8billion Sun International
Itrix USA R6.9billion Wilson Bayly Holmes
Satrix World R6.5billion African Rainbow Capital

We do have a decent range of ETFs and without them what would we invest not our tax-free accounts? And considering that the corresponding companies above are well known and in most cases have been around since before the first ETF was listed in December 2000, we’re doing okay.


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