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Hedge funds for everybody

Hedge funds for everybody

Simon Shares

  • MTN have concluded the Nigerian fine at around a third of the initially proposed fine. A good deal for the company but they should never have found themsleves in the position in the first place an I still do not like management and am not a buyer.
  • Pick n Pay (JSE code: PIK) are finally getting rid of their 35-year pyramid structure that key control of the company in the Ackerman hands even though they only held c26% of the shares. But they are retaining control via special unlisted B shares, so nothing changes and the company remains under the control of a family who frankly have conceded the title of retail to Shoprite (JSE code: SHP).
  • Brexit fears are running wild, ignore it. It’s just short term noise. Big picture it matters not one way or the other, it just hysteria right now that will reach deafening levels by the time they vote next Thursday.

Jean Pierre Verster portfolio manager Fairtree Capital

The hedge fund industry in South Africa is leading the global trend and changing to make itself open to private investors with regulation for the funds themselves. Jean Pierre explains what the attraction of a hedge fund is and what the new regulations are all about. He also warn that like any other fund some may blow up.

We Get Mail

  • Robert
    • When I buy ETFs, how do i find out whether it pays out quarterly dividends or re invests them?
  • Jonathan
    • Shares not in your name, rather on Easyequities books? Thoughts?

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