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Hating on unit trusts

Hating on unit trusts

Simon Shares

  • SPIVA results for South Africa are out and they track how many active managers fail to beat the index. Truth is that even over 1 year most do NOT beat the index. In short, buy passive or lose money? The PDF of the report is here.
    SPIV SA scorecard yearend 2015

    SPIV SA scorecard yearend 2015

  • Standard & Poor has downgraded SA’s expected GDP for 2016 from 1.6% to 0.8% further cementing the likelihood of a downgrade to junk from the rating agency.
  • African Bank has relaunched, but this is not the one you have shares in. The suspended ABIL sold off good assets and is left with a giant pile of debt and those left holding ABIL when it was suspended in August 2014 hold worthless shares.
  • The Satrix Resi (JSE code: STXRES) is our focus ETF this week.
  • We published our bubble graphic of Top40 individual stock returns for Q1 2016.

Helena Conradie CEO Satrix

Satrix is best known for their Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) but have in recent years also moved into index tracking unit trusts. The question is why and if unit trusts are still the evil rip off they were back in the day? It is still a case of watch the fees and know what’s inside?

We Get Mail

  • clintvanhere via Twitter
    • If you withdraw from TFSA, what are the effects on your annual & lifetime limits?
  • Ryno
    • Can I trade your lazy system in a tax free savings account ?
  • Fathima
    • After attending your seminar for beginners, I invested in ETFs. However yesterday, I watched your video explaining the benefits of TFSA and I need to know if I made a mistake opening an non TFSA account? Should I close that account and open a TFSA, or keep both? I don’t want to incur extra costs.

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