Podcast: I hate my life, teach me to trade

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I hate my life, teach me to trade

Simon Shares

  • Dis-Chem, I will likely apply and stag them on listing.
  • Whitey Basson quitting as Shoprite (JSE code: SHP) CEO at end of year.
  • Buying Tongaat (JSE code: TON).
  • Finance minister Gordhan charges dropped, good for junk threat?
  • Trading Master Class – Trend lines video is online.
  • Up coming events;
    • JSE Power Hour: Thursday 3rd at 5.30pm – offshore investing. The how.
    • JSE Power Hour: Thursday 10th at 5.30pm – TraderPetri on becoming a better trader

We Get Mail

  • All
    • I have xxx of debt. I hate my job. I hate my life. Please teach me how to trade?
  • All
    • How many years experience one must acquire to be profitable in trading?

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