JSE Power Hour: Tax-free investing

Simon Brown


17 February    
17 30 - 18 30

Here’s the video from the event.

February is national budget month which means a new tax year is about to start and for investors, this means a new year for us to top up our tax-free accounts.

March 2015 was the start of the tax-free accounts and this will be the seventh year we’re able to make deposits. By now many investors tax-free accounts are looking very healthy, especially after the local and global stock market rally of the last two years.

This first Power Hour of 2022 will be presented by Simon Brown and the focus will be everything tax-free.

Simon will include the basics for those new to these great investing products and will look into performance, best assets to use in the tax-free account and some new emerging trends for the year ahead. He’ll also caution against some riskier sectors as we move into a higher interest rate environment.

Finally, there will be lots of time for questions so if you’re not sure about something you’ll be able to get answers.

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