JSE Power Hour: Building a resilient portfolio for tough markets

Simon Brown


14 July    
17 30 - 18 30

Simon Brown - Just One Lap founderThe first half of 2022 has been the toughest start to the year for the US since 2002 with the Nasdaq being down 30% and the S&P500 losing 20%. Locally the Top40 was down 10% as mining stocks and some banks helped hold the market up.

The selling is being driven by rising inflation (at forty-year highs in developed markets), energy costs (fuel at record highs globally) and interest rates (rising the world over) and none of this is going away any time soon.

As investors, we need to ensure our portfolio is positioned for this new reality of higher rates and inflation while still generating returns.

In this webcast, Simon Brown, founder of Just One Lap, will help you build a resilient portfolio that will protect you now and be ready for when markets start to improve.

He’ll cover;

  • The outlook for markets for the rest of 2022 and 2023
  • Sectors that do well in a high inflation environment
  • How to profit off higher rates
  • Defensive sectors to hold
  • Risky sectors to reduce

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