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Being a contented trader

Being a contented traderBeing a contented trader

Simon Shares

  • UK snap election for 8 June and French first round presidential elections this Sunday.
  • Pick n Pay (JSE code: PIK) results looking decent but stock remains expensive.
  • Combined Motor Holdings (JSE code: CMH), amazing results in a tough space. Top management and solid balance sheet.
  • World Bank cuts our 2017 growth target from their original 1.1% to 0.6%, after cabinet reshuffle and subsequent downgrades.

How we hurt our trading and why are we not content

Message from a trading friend;

“I think the true art of trading is learning to be completely satisfied with your own objectives. Rather than constantly worrying about what could have been if …”

Trading is simple. Buy when the chart says buy, sell when it says sell and sit on your hands in-between. But we over think it, we believe in complexity and this hurts us.

I did not go short over the long weekend because, well politicians. I decide that I needed a new rule about 4 day weekends, do not hold over them? In truth I have been trading my ALSI systems all through recent recalls and shuffles and it had one of it’s best runs on recent years for March with a very good April thus far. So why the sudden decision to change rules re long weekends? And what about three day weekends, will they in time also be bad? Normal two day weekends and eventually overnight holding?

We Get Mail

  • Jan-Albert
    • I would like to pick your brain about the big “nationalising” of banks and mines. If nationalisation is on the cards we all lose? Or do we? Or is it hot air? You would also be out of a job? Or would you? Questions everywhere and I have no answers.

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