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Buying Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin

Simon Shares

  • Capitec* (JSE code: CPI) through R800. This is why I don’t try time exits on long-term investments. Things can get crazy.
  • Pembury is listing their schools division and it will likely do well on listing but I am not convinced and am not applying for allocation.
  • Has the Trump rally hit a wall?
  • Most of the cash for my Sea Harvest allocation has reappeared in my brokerage account, suggesting I got 3.8% allocation. We’ll see how it trades as to whether I buy more in open market sell and run. I would like to hold in my second tier portfolio, but only if the numbers work and if it spikes madly on day one I will more likely sell into the spike and wait for things to settle.

* I hold ungeared positions.

Buying Bitoin (Code: BTC)

Started in October 2008 with zero value as the first crypto currency it now trades around US$1,100 and has an ardent fan base. The questions are if it is the future of money? CoinMarketCap lists over 750 crypto currencies with a total market cap of over USD24billion. That said Bitcoin has a market cap of almost US$18billion with Ethereum on a market cap of almost US$4billion (up almost 50% in the last week) leaving very little for the other 750 crypto currencies. But they are very volatile and a commodity rather than a currency, but should we be investing or trading in them?

We Get Mail

  • George
    • If people want interest, they want the most interest. My question is simple. Why are there so many options? Govi, Ilbi, or a call account with my bank? Which do I pick and why do I pick it?
  • Stephen
    • If I am looking for somewhere to park cash (i.e. protection of capital and quick access are key), other putting the money in a bank what would be the more suitable options? Also in this respect would there been any advantage in investing in an inflation linked bond ETF as opposed to directly in a bond?

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