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Ten whole episodes, and not a single rock thrown at us! I’m surprised and delighted. This week we kick off with quite a bit of feedback on previous endeavours. Thanks for taking the time to write us. I’m even grateful to George, who came to Magnus’ defence after last week’s episode. There’s enough space on The Fat Wallet Show for all views*.

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If you’re wondering why we’re talking bonds again, it’s because we recently fell into the trap of People Who Know Things. When I’m around Simon, there’s often a very good case to be made for I’m with stupid t-shirts. Because he knows so much more than I do, I’m forever reaching for new levels of understanding. In a previous episode on bonds, I forgot to mention where I’m reaching from. I already had some information and I assumed everyone knew what I was talking about. The intent always was to talk about what bonds are and how they work, but I got excited and ended up doing exactly what The Fat Wallet tries to combat.

Thankfully I had our friend Charmaine to keep me honest. Her tweet made me realise that I missed the mark on the bonds episode, so I’m having another go at it in this one. Charmaine, I apologise for being an arrogant asshat who assumes people know things by magic. I hope this episode clears the whole thing up. I will continue to count on you to remind me what this is all about – access to information everybody can understand.

This is a gentle reminder that anything worth doing is also worth swearing about. If you are offended by swearing, The Fat Wallet Show might not be for you.

*Unless the views are racist, sexist, bigoted, full of logical fallacies or generally stupid, which George’s was not.


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