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Abils back

Abils back

Simon Shares

  • African Bank (Abil) returns to the JSE on Wednesday as African Phoenix Investments (JSE code: AXL). I never expected that, a busted bank survives, albeit this is not the banking assets, just insurance.
  • Top40 index at highs for the year, ya I know it early days and as Stuart reminded me on Twitter the Springboks are also unbeaten for the year.
  • Huge trading update from Kumba Iron Ore (JSE code: KIO) as iron prices were markedly higher.
  • Too much stuff, sell everything. Wow a huge response and all positive except for two people who said I would miss the garden and everybody wants my books. Also a lot of requests that I keep people in the loop as to process etc. No comments on my potential portfolio restructuring.
  • Up coming events;
    • Four events loaded, find them here.

We Get Mail

  • Lucky
    • Hi Simon, want to start TFSA acc ,is there a way to add RSA Retail bonds into the TFSA?
  • Michael
    • Would you recommend setting up a tax-free savings account through FNB?
  • Charmaine
    • Tax saving in ABSA momentum ETF (NFEMOM) what does this mean.
  • Hoosain
    • I just want to get your take on buying shares that are already in your unit trusts or ETFs. Do you think its advisable to buy the same shares that are in those products?
  • Franz
    • What is the procedure for opening an offshore account?

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