Podcast: The time travel episode (and windfalls)

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You thought we were just a podcast, but we also time travel. With Simon on holiday, we pre-recorded this episode two weeks ago, when #twentiestaughtmethat was trending on Twitter.

I learned my biggest financial lessons in my twenties. Reading through the tweets, I realised that that’s true for many people. I also realised how lucky I was to learn those lessons in my twenties. Of course it would have been better not to fall down a debt hole like a dystopian Alice in Wonderland, but at least I managed to claw my way out while I still had time left to correct my mistakes… We hope (she thinks grimly).

Three tweets in particular stood out for me, but I embedded the search below. Read through it. It’s quite amusing.

#TwentiesTaughtMeThat it takes more than a degree to own a Range rover.

#TwentiesTaughtMeThat it’s easy for habits to become a lifestyle

#TwentiesTaughtMeThat: money matters even R1.00

Simon and I kick some ideas around about the best way to spend and invest a windfall. My deep-seated Calvinism has me shunning moderation in favour of austere financial measures. Thankfully I have my much more hedonistic friend around to pull me back to centre.

We received so much feedback after last week’s retirement episode. We’ll get to all of that next week. I still can’t get over the fact that people actually write us. Know that you’re making me very happy.

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