Standard Bank Power Hour: AMCs and Structured Products for your portfolio

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In person at the Standard Bank Power Hour | 16 May 2024

In person at the Standard Bank Power Hour | 16 May 2024

An insightful Standard Bank Power Hour featuring Kevin Swartz from Standard Bank, as he helps us understand the world of Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) and Structured Products.

Kevin, with his extensive background in corporate finance and investment banking, is well-equipped to explain the intricacies of AMCs and structured products and how they fit within a diverse well constructed portfolio.

He will discuss how these instruments are designed, their risk and return profiles, and how they can be used to manage overall investment risks, invest into different asset classes and enhance portfolio performance.

Whether you’re an experienced investor seeking to expand your strategies or a newcomer looking to understand the dynamics of these products, this event promises to offer valuable knowledge and practical applications.

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