Video: Small cap investing with Anthony Clark

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Anthony Clark has long been synonymous with small and mid-cap investing on the JSE and in this video he’s in conversation with Simon Brown.

Anthony has decades of experience and knowledge of the small and mid-sized JSE listing with a special interest in agriculture and food companies. The following stocks are discussed during this packed event.

  • Combined Motor Holdings (JSE code: CMH)
  • Renergen (JSE code: REN)
  • Invicta (JSE code: IVT)
  • Omnia (JSE code: OMN)
  • Afrimat (JSE code: AFT)
  • York Timbers (JSE code: YRK)
  • Kaap Agri (JSE code: KAL)
  • Grindrod (JSE code: GND)