Opportunities in JSE listed SA Inc. shares

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Jimmy Moyaha

Jimmy Moyaha

Opportunities in JSE shares

The cliche is that it is darkest before the dawn and right now there is a lot of darkness in South Africa (literally and figuratively). But does this offer opportunity? Many quality JSE listed stocks are trading at very attractive valuations, even as they struggle with a consumer under pressure, low growth and of course persistent load shedding.

This Power Hour is presented by Jimmy Moyaha, a seasoned financial markets specialist at Lebowa Capital. Jimmy is also a regular market commentator and stand-in host for SAfm Market Update and MoneywebNOW.

Jimmy will use his near-decade experience in markets to look at the big picture currently in South Africa. This includes load shedding, the rise of renewable projects (potentially ending load shedding within a few years), the struggle with stagnate GDP growth, high interest rates and inflation, which have both potentially peaked.

This is not a rose tinted presentation, the realities are stark and it is tough right now in South Africa. Bu many of our listed stocks have excellent management teams and great potential, especially as rates and inflation start to retreat and eventually load shedding ends.

With this in mind Jimmy covers the issues and risks as well as some sectors and stocks that offer attractive investment prospects.

Sectors covered;

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Financials
  • Mining and resources
  • Technology
  • Telecoms
  • Consumer


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