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South Africa makes up around 0.65% of the global GDP. It’s a tiny fraction of the investment universe available to investors. At the same time, thanks to the practicalities of life as well as regulation, most South African’s have an exceptionally high local asset allocation.

But, fortunately for you, our local exchange has been exceptionally innovative in responding to the growing local demand for offshore exposure. You’ll be surprised to learn just how easy it is to get international exposure via our local exchange. Plus, there are a number of benefits to gaining exposure locally, rather than going directly offshore.

Rand Swiss Director and Portfolio Manager, Gary Booysen, takes you through the various ways in which you, as a local investor, can invest offshore through the JSE.

He guides you through:

  • The current state of the South African investment markets,
  • The pros and cons of investing internationally via the local exchange,
  • The various “offshore” JSE listed products available to South African investors,
  • Some of the tax, exchange control and other regulation facing South African’s investing abroad, and
  • His favourite local “offshore” investment picks!

If you’re someone with more than 50% of your net worth invested locally, you can’t afford to miss this PowerHour!

  • Download the PDF here.

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