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The NewFunds Value Equity ETF (NFEVAL) is now Satrix Value Equity ETF (STXVEQ)(March 1 2023)

As markets continue to be volatile and mostly red one of the themes emerging is a shift from growth stocks to value stocks.

The data from the US (chart below) certainly shows this happening after years of value being in the doldrums and year-to-date value in the US has out preformed growth by some 10%.

Growth vs. Value

Growth vs. Value

This theme was also present in annual forward looking reviews for major global investment houses which I discussed with Schalk Louw from PSG Old Oak, the interview is below.

Locally on the JSE, we have one value ETF issued by Absa – the NewFunds Value Equity ETF (JSE code: NFEVAL) which tracks a bespoke Absa Wits Risk-Controlled SA Value Index. This ETF holds 30 JSE listed stocks that exhibit value characteristics such as low price-to-earnings and price-to-book ratios. The ETF is also a good dividend payer with a current dividend yield of over 4%.

Of note is that Satrix will be taking over this ETF later in the year.

At the end of December 2021, the top sectors are financials (37.9%), basic materials (29.4%), consumer goods (12.3%) and health (8.5%).

The top ten holdings at the end of December 2021 are as below.

Value ETF top 10 holdings

Value ETF top 10 holdings

ETF name SATRIX Value Equity ETF
ETF issuer Satrix
Issue date 26 March 2018
Total expense ratio
ETF Benchmark Absa Wits Risk-Controlled SA Value Index
Tax-free savings account Allowed
Market cap R289million
Performance 1 year -1.51%
Performance 3 years +22.46%
Performance since listing +4.42%
Dividend yield Total return (6.02%)

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