Take that leap

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Take the leap

More than a few times in my life, I have thrown caution to the wind and taken a giant gamble to pursue something I was passionate about. Often I have felt that the price that I’ve had to pay – the toll it takes, the impact it has – has been too much to bear. Those feelings are usually temporary though as I have yet to make some crazy, impulsive change to my life, at the drop of a hat, in pursuit of my dreams that I regret.

It’s not always easy to see the entire forest while we are in the woods. Therefore we are reliant on our faith and sense of purpose in order to lead us through the forest when the path is not clearly marked. The journey, after all, is more than half the fun… especially if we are learning about ourselves and our passions along the way.

Currently, I am lucky enough to find myself in Cape Town, sitting in a trading room full of traders that I have admired for many years. It’s a long story, but in essence I have the opportunity to learn from people who have a very specialised skill set. Intraday, or day trading, is very different from the short- to medium-term chart-based trading that most traders are used to. Explaining the differences are perhaps beyond the scope of this blog post, but it is a very different way of looking and thinking about the market. Not that day trading is better than swing trading, or visa versa. They are just different.

The first time I found myself in a day trading situation, I was but a young grasshopper with not nearly enough experience under my belt to survive. Now, almost seven years later, I feel that I have a much broader knowledge base and a much stronger mental resolution (or traders’ mind set). I have every bit of faith that this time will be a much better experience.

I have to admit I am very excited! I have been trading on a swing trading basis for many a year now, but real, good ol’ proper day trading… man I have not done this in a while! So I am excited to start day trading again, but mostly I am super excited for what I am going to learn. That is the number one driver here.

Sometimes in life we have to take some crazy chances and make some big changes, but if we do those things for the right reasons they will have been worth it when we look back. So what I am really saying here is that we must never give up in our pursuit of knowledge and experience.

Happy trading!

Petri Redelinghuys

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