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  • Blue Label (JSE code: BLU) shares flying after writing down CellC to zero. Up some 30%. I guess the market is relived CellC is only going to zero.
  • WeWork gets a new CEO as founder Adam Neumann steps aside. Makes sense, aside from a lot of crazed decisions he’s made. Founders are a different type of person from a CEO.
  • The new top end iPhone is on sale for pre-order locally. At almost R33k, yip a full years tax-free. Even if buying on contract, that’s an insane amount fo money for a phone that doesn’t even make coffee.
  • Peter Moyo again refused entry to work at Old Mutual (JSE code: OMU). This is beyond messy.
  • Banking strike, with way more horror stories than actual facts. Facts are the union is not happy about retrenchments. But the many many messages I have received about cash running out and online banking not working I suspect are bogus. I suspect I am one of the few left who still use cash anyway?
  • JUUL CEO Kevin Burns has just announced he is quitting.
  • Wealthy Maths: Calculating dividends
  • Up coming events;

Can Trump juice the markets?

More than anything he wants a second term and the election is in November next year (still over 13 months away).

Now he has a lot of troubles, including a possible impeachment attempt being announced Wednesday afternoon.

But Bigger is the trade wars impact on global economies and hence stock markets. We’re seeing real evidence that they are hurting with Germany at risk of a recession and some horrid data out of Asia on Monday.

Point is winning a second term with a weak / tanking economy and stock market is hard, very hard.

So he needs to juice the economy and the market and he can do that easy.

Announce full and real trade peace with China, spinning it however required. This will set the market alight and help a struggling global economy and if he times it right, winning him a second term

The trick is when does he do this? Thirteen months out from the election may be too soon. But waiting for April or so may be too late. In fact it all may be too late. But I expect him to try.

Of course ultimately this would be sticking a band aid on a severed limb, but if all that is wanted is enough juice for a second term, it may work. Eventually we’ll get the recession and global markets will slide, and very likely this has already started.

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