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  • Retailers, woe is worrid. Aside from Foschini (JSE code; TFG) and Lewis (JSE code: LEW) they have ranged from horrid to truly astoundingly horrid. Shoprite* (JSE code: SHP) has also put out a trading update to follow on from the so-so sales update and aside from some internal issues and Angolan hyperinflation the margins are also crumbling.
  • EOH caught in a SENS from Eskom late on Monday, but took them until Wednesday morning to respond – simple too slow as the stock fell almost 15% on Tuesday.
  • Ellies (JSE code: ELI) was a stock I was watching after they made almost 8c HEPS in the year ending April 2018. But now it seems they swung into a loss for the six months ending October and have a board that is falling apart.
  • Taste (JSE code: TAS) announce they need some R580million and +5 years to at best reach break even?
  • Minimalism: Can you eat it?
  • The perks of being exactly average.
  • Upcoming events

* I hold ungeared positions.

Where’s Safcoin?

So Safcoin finally started trading in December and I thought I’d send a series of follow up questions to the founder, Neil Ferreira, about how it’s all going, promises he’d made and some odd things I was seeing on their trading platform. I sent the questions early Monday asking for reply by Wednesday 10am, and he hasn’t responded?

  • Find the questions I was asking this time here.
  • They threatened to sue me here.
  • They answered my first set of questions from August 2018 here.

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