All time highs

Podcast: All time highs

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All time highs

All time highs

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  • Johan
    • If everyone is making money from trading, who are they making the money off? The answer is of course that everyone can’t be winners and there has to be losers. The ones that lose more than they win, give up and stop trading. Therefore you need a constant flow of newbies that will fail so that the winners can keep winning. Does this not seem like some sort of great pyramid-type scheme? Or is the general justification “survival of the fittest”? Your take on this?
  • Wouter
    • One question from a new investor. Would you stick to your current ETFs you have in your tax-free savings account or add new ones as markets change. Regards from China.
  • Eric
    • I have R50 000 that I want to passively invest in Satrix for 3-5yrs and I was thinking about taking 7 Satrix products and divide the money equally.
  • Tim
    • Could we not just be another Japan, everyone says the market may go up but Japan is the elephant in the room? Or am I mistaken?

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