Podcast: Tax, tax, tax

Kristia van HeerdenLatest, The Fat Wallet

I’ve been so excited about my tax-free investments. I was going to transfer my tax-free allocation on the 28th, then got paranoid that Capitec would transfer my money on the same day and cost me 40% in tax. I decided to wait until 1 March. The wait frustrated me, but I’m an adult. I know how to delay gratification.

Naturally the first thing I did on 1 March was transfer my allocation to Easy Equities, but then I had to wait another whole day for it to clear. Of course, the first thing I did on 2 March was log into my tax-free account to finally go shopping. When I got there, however, the money wasn’t there. Many scenarios played out in my head at this point. The last thing I thought of, because in my own head I’m incapable of silly mistakes, is that I may have transferred the money into my ordinary brokerage account. Investigation confirmed I had transferred the money into my ordinary brokerage account.

Instead of going shopping, I had to withdraw the money from my taxable brokerage account, transfer it back to my bank account and start over. The world of investments is full of frustrations and I am one of them. I hope your attempts were more successful.

It seems the new tax year has many curious about the opportunities, possibilities and loopholes. In this episode of The Fat Wallet Show, we answer all the tax questions we got this week.


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