Podcast: Should I take profit?

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After two brutal years of obsessive debt repayments and a year of hard saving I finally made my first investment in March 2014. Six years of watching paint dry was followed, finally, by a stock market crash so brutal I’m still suffering a nosebleed. In my short investment career I’ve experienced every market condition but growth.

As a result of this less-than-illustrious track record, it’s probably not surprising that the growth I’m currently seeing in my portfolio is freaking me out completely. My CoreShares S&P500 ETF is 70% up and I don’t know what to do with myself. I want desperately to lock in this growth, which is what Simon’s trying to talk me out of in this week’s episode.

Watch the presentation Simon did last week. It’s really good!

We’ve been blessed by the tech fairies since we started recording remotely on 19 March. However, the gremlins found us this week, cutting short our usual recording time. Forgive us, please! If we’re lucky we can record Episode 200 together. We hope you are excited too.

The bleeped show is below:

Win of the week: Philip. 

Every Monday morning we send out a newsletter and every Monday morning Philip sends me an encouraging email or compliment about the newsletter. I’ve come to look forward to it every Monday, so I think Philip deserves to win for making me happy on a weekly basis.

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