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When we get into debt, we think it’s a temporary state of affairs. We’ll get rid of it once we earn more money. However, nothing is more delicious to a financial institution than an indebted individual getting a raise. As our income increases, so increases our access to credit.

Think of someone you know who appears to be very wealthy. Now think about the debt required to maintain that appearance. An expensive home loan, car debt, credit cards and store cards all work together to make it seem like money is no object. As we discuss this week, the price we pay to appear wealthy is often the very thing that destroys true wealth.

This week Rinaldo inspired us to tackle debt in high-income households.

I am a high income earner with money problems…

I contribute 18% of my salary to my employer provident fund and R500 a month to an education endowment plan for my boy who is five years old. That is the sum total of my investments. Oh, and I bought a buy-to-let apartment two years ago and what a disaster. Battling to sell the money-chowing, headache-causing thing now.

I need to invest more but I’ve got the following bad debt:

  •        Credit card of R40,000 at 14.5% interest
  •        Revolving credit of R40,000 at 17% interest
  •        Overdraft of R60,000 at 15% interest

I’ve got a deficit in my budget due to the credit repayments and I’m considering a debt consolidation loan, but don’t want to stuff up my credit record which is rather good because up until now I’ve serviced my debt well. Should I consider a consolidation loan and where and what will be the impact on my credit score?

No emergency fund, which caused the debt.

How did you do it?

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