Video: SA mining, where next?

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SA mining, where next?

SA mining, where next?

SA Mining, where next?

The resource sector of the JSE has had a monster 2016 with the commodities moving higher while the Resi10 added some 50% off the lows of late January. But is this the real deal or not? The index is still down some 60% from the highs of 2008 as commodity prices remain well off their highs. But the question remains; where next?

Is this a real recovery for the miners or just a bounce that’ll be followed by more pain? This is the question everybody is asking and Pater Major from Cadiz Corporate Solutions is the expert on the resource sector and he presents this JSE Power Hour helping us understand what is driving this sector and what the future holds.

He’ll unpack the big picture and look for evidence on whether this is a real recovery or one we should be afraid of.

Two stocks that do catch his eye;

  • Sasol (JSE code: SOL)
  • BHP Billiton (JSE code: BIL)

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