Mini podcast: Emigration preparation

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fw_161219If you know you’ll be leaving the country for good in the next few years, should you invest your money or keep everything in cash? In the first of five mini Fat Wallet episodes, we help Karlien think through some options.


Your show gets me excited to invest, but I’m at a weird place right now. 

I’m getting married next year and then we want to immigrate to the Netherlands because I’m a Dutch citizen. We aren’t very likely to return to SA permanently. I have no debt and I’m currently saving for the wedding and our big move. 

Considering our imminent departure in the next year or two, should I be investing in something like a TFSA or ETFs now, or should I wait until I’m on the other side? If now, how do I make sure I invest smartly considering our move.

Bleeped version is here.

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