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A letter for when you’re dead

When we die hopefully we have a will that’ll deal with our estate. But if we’ve been the one managing investments what happens to them? Sure they go to your heirs, but do they know what to do with them, the strategy and plans? We need to write a letter to those surviving us explaining it all.

Does you partner / family have a full understanding of how you’ve put together your investments and finances?

  • What do you own and with who?
  • What’s the strategy?
    • Keep each strategy in a separate account.
  • Who can manage your investment portfolio now that you’re dead?
    • What to watch out for.
    • How to change / adapt the strategy. Who to appoint to manage this.
  • Where is the emergency fund and how is it accessed?
  • Your speculative / derivative positions need to be closed ASAP as your estate could take ages to finalise.
  • What policies do you have in your name and in other names?
  • Where did you hide the Kruger millions?
  • Not money related but; passwords, subscriptions, social media etc.?

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