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shutterstock_93195637Simon Shares

  • AB Inbev (JSE code: ANB) has arrived on the JSE as the largest stock by a mile. But I am not excited nor am I buying.
  • The market is looking just weak, but this does not smell like 2008. How many people saying that actually were in the markets in 2008? That said more downside likely, under 40,000 on the Top40 seems certain. 35,000 anybody?

Drikus Combrinck Capicraft
How much money should we have in an offshore account? This question was posed on Twitter and we get an expert view as well as other sage advice about investing offshore (maybe even bring some money back into rands).

We Get Mail

  • Sipho
    • The TFSA is R30k a year. Is this calendar year so I can add another R30k now in
  • Clayton
    • Is DBX World (JSE code: DBXWD) and Astoria (JSE code: ARA) about as good as having money offshore? Should one monthly add more to these in these circumstances instead of buying more CSEW40 and other ETF’s?
  • Gerrit
    • Is it really necessary to have stop loss orders with regards to ETF’s e.g. DBX-trackers, Satrix Indi etc.

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