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The first quarter of 2024 is done and dusted and we’ve again seen some strong returns on locally listed ETFs with the ETF5IT coning out tops with a return of over 15% in one quarter, astounding and we have an event digging into this ETF on 23 April, details here.

All data to close 28 March 2024.

This was followed by the Sygnia Japan ETF up 13.9%, another astounding return as Japan gets going with raised rates and economic growth. In short after many decades, Abenomics worked.

Europe and S&P500 also have done very well for just one quarter of returns.

I also included the five-year CAGR returns and these are impressive numbers as well.

Top ten JSE listed ETFs for Q1 2024

Top ten JSE listed ETFs for Q1 2024

On the loser side no surprises to see PGMs there. The Satrix Fini15 index is also under water and this was one of my predictions from the beginning of the year.

The Satrix Divi has been a winner in the past, but the methodology is that they use forward dividend yields and in some cases high dividend yield stocks (such as Thungela) have been under pressure.


Bottom ten JSE listed ETFs for Q1 2024

Bottom ten JSE listed ETFs for Q1 2024

The big deal with this loser list are the palladium ETFs, both negative return over the last five years.

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