JSE Power Hour: Maximise your tax-free investing in 2023

Simon Brown


9 February    
17 30 - 18 30
Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Tax-free accounts, first introduced in the 2015 budget speech, have massive benefits over time. Because of this, they are an absolute must for any investor.

The current annual limit is R36,000 per individual and the lifetime limit is R500,000. After eight years of maximum contributions, you will be more than halfway to that lifetime limit.

This presentation is hosted by Just One Lap founder Simon Brown and will cover everything you need to know about tax-free investing and saving.

  • Restrictions on limits and products allowed
  • Transferring, the how and why
  • How to structure the portfolio
  • Best asset classes to invest into
  • Using tax-free for offshore investing
  • Using tax-free for kids and retirees

Simon uses plenty of real-world examples and welcomes questions from those attending.

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