Just One Lap ETF portfolios

The Just One Lap ETF portfolios are designed to simplify your investment choices. There are over 70 ETFs in the local market, with new products listing every year. Putting together an ETF portfolio can seem overwhelming, even within the much simpler tax-free investment environment.

Selecting the right ETFs for a robust portfolio is complicated by understanding the appropriate asset allocation for your investment time horizon. A good ETF portfolio is exposed to the local market, international markets and property. Investors getting ready to retire or already retired even need to think about the role cash should play in their portfolio.

The Just One Lap ETF portfolios take into account the most important investment question: when will you need the money?

The Just One Lap Risky portfolio is ideal for investors with an investment horizon of over a decade. These investors can afford more exposure to pure equity – the highest returning asset class, but also the riskiest. Property is a great way to diversify this portfolio.

The moderate risk portfolio is for investors who will need the money within the next ten years. These investors need to pull back on pure equity and property exposure and start to add some guaranteed returns in the form of bonds.

The low risk portfolio is for investors who will need the money within the next five years. This portfolio introduces cash as an investment, has exposure to cash-yielding investments like bonds and property and still retains some equity exposure.

These portfolios are free, but you have to register to access them. You’ll be added to a database of ETF investors and you’ll receive exclusive communication from Just One Lap regarding these portfolios when needed, as well as relevant ETF news from us and local ETF providers.

We explain our methodology for each portfolio. You will receive email newsletters with updates when you might need to make adjustments.

You remain 100% in control of your own portfolio and are free to add to or subtract from our baskets as you see fit. Remember, your money, your rules.

Because Just One Lap is not a brokerage, you will have to buy the portfolio from your regular broker

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