Podcast: Can debt be good?

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Erik Thiart sent a question that I’ve subconsciously been avoiding on this podcast. He wanted to know what the deal is with my debt story. I talk about paying back my debt often, but I’ve never really gone into how I got into debt in the first place. If I’m perfectly honest, it’s because it serves as a reminder of what a total moron I can be. It makes me look bad and I don’t want people to know about it.

Fat Wallet turns 21 episodes old! I finally tell my whole #debt story. #podcast #fatwallet

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This week I come clean. I explain how I got to owing R100 000 on a R10 500 salary in the blink of an eye. After unburdening myself, we discuss possible scenarios where debt could be helpful. We discuss how store accounts are trying to lure you in, how credit cards allow you to arbitrage the bank, buying a car and (oh goodness, why?) home loans.

I mention Jason Pieterse’s fantastic email in this episode. I published that mail here.

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