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Are we Brazilian?

Are we Brazilian?

Simon Shares

  • Metrofile* (JSE code: MFL) 1million shares on offer at 500c. Subtle?
  • Dis-Chem (JSE code: DCP), like everybody else I did not get in the private placement and I am not looking to buy in the open market.
  • Santova* (JSE code: SNV) getting hit. I hold and continue to hold, not buying any more as I have plenty. Twelve month low is 320c on 25 November 2015, looks like we could get back to that level soon enough.
  • Woolies* (JSE code: WHL) saw massive volume on Tuesday, R1.3billion which is 2x – 3x normal value traded.
  • Tongaat* (JSE code: TON) up at R130, nice but I hadn’t finished buy below R120. Not buying up at R130 at the moment, albeit target is likely R150-R180 over next 6-12 months. Let’s see if we get some weakness.
  • I been digging into Stor-Age Property (JSE code: SSS) as a possible investment. Thus far not excited by what I see.

* I hold ungeared positions.

  • Up coming events;
    • Trading Master Class: Tuesday 6th at 6.00pm – Lazy trading indices and FX.
    • JSE Power Hour: Thursday 8th at 5.30pm – Position your portfolio for 2017

Are we the next Brazil?

Since their first junk downgrade in September 2015 the Brasil Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Index (IBOV) is up some 50% while the Brazilian Real has strengthened about 20% against the USD. Could we follow the same after a downgrade to junk?

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