Bear and bull case for Shoprite after results

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  • Purity baby powder products were recalled by TigerBrands (JSE code: TBS) due to traces of asbestos.
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An Evening of Fine Dining & Investing

An Evening of Fine Dining & Investing

The bear and bull case for investing in Shoprite

Shoprite* (JSE code: SHP) results saw the stock down 7.5%. Let’s dig into what the market maybe didn’t like.

  • Only 10% earnings growth?
    • With one week less and the 2021 riots in the numbers, decent albeit not knock the lights out.
  • Only 600c dividend for the full year?
    • Very much in line with the average.
  • Expensive on PE of over 20x?
    • Always is, but mid-range is about 15% lower. So yes, maybe a little more than usual?
  • Opening 275 new stores?
    • Cost and are they cannibalising their other stores?
  • RSA operating margin 6.8%?
    • The top end of the long-term range, worries that it may move lower?

But Shoprite remains one of the best food retailers globally and a core holding in my portfolio. I have bids in the market at around R170 which would put it on a PE closer to the mid-range from the last decade.

Sixty60 grew 150% and remains the absolute market leader in the grocery delivery space.

Checkers Xtra Savings has 24.7m members and it turning into a bank account.

* I hold ungeared positions.

  • Sold my Murray & Roberts (JSE code: MUR)

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