3 Ramaphosa Rally Recovery Stocks

3 Ramaphosa Rally Recovery Stocks

In JSE Power Hour, Webinar by Simon Brown

We had serious technical issues with the recording of this event and only got the voice of Gary at sufficient quality. Below is audio and PDF of the slides. I will interview Viv Govender for JSE Direct in the next few weeks on his comments as they are well worth hearing.

As South Africa emerges from the Zuma era, we have seen a small resurgence in the SA economy. But negativity and pessimism remain pervasive. Nevertheless, if President Ramaphosa is able to bring back economic growth to the pre Zuma average, certain sectors and stocks are set to benefit more than others. Luckily the local market has yet to respond to this changing economic reality. This allows investors to buy in while valuations remain cheap.

In this JSE Power Hour you will hear:

  • How growth suffered under Zuma vs the historic average,
  • The potential for GDP growth to ramp up in the aftermath,
  • Which sectors and stocks will benefit the most.

Join Rand Swiss’ Viv Govender and Gary Booysen to see how you can position your portfolio to “capture” your slice of the recovery.

  • Listen to the audio here.
  • View the presentation slides here.

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