Worst ETF returns from 2021

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Last week we had a look at the winning ETFs for 2021, and it was an impressive list.

This week we’re looking at the losers and as much as winners were dominated by tech and offshore, this list is all about commodity ETFs under pressure.

Some disclaimers right upfront to avoid the emails;

  • Year-to-date
  • Excludes dividends
  • Rounded
  • ETFs often have bad closing prices which can impact the numbers
  • Some ETFs following the same index have different returns. This is because;
    • Different total expense ratios (TER)
    • Data as mentioned above
    • Other (ya I know, this is not a scientific data set)

As a benchmark, the Satrix Resi10 has done +26.2% beating the list below. This is the leverage effect, sure not all commodities had a great year and the miners are off their highs, but they still did great.

Interestingly, this is the complete list of ETFs that had a negative 2021, and it’s a small list.

ETF name ETF code YTD return
1nvest RHODIUM ETF ETFRHO -13.2%
Satrix MSCI China ETF STXCHN -13.1%
1nvest Platinum ETF ETFPLT -10.1%
NewGold Platinum ETF NGPLT -9.9%
CoreShares DIVTRAX DIVTRX -3.5%
Satrix Quality SA STXQUA -0.1%

The China ETF is no surprise after China stomped all over markets this year and considering local exposure to Tencent it was never one that particularly interested me. The CoreShares DIXTRX is a surprise albeit dividends adds some 7.5% to the return which would put it positive for the year. The Satrix Quality also had dividends of some 5% pushing them into positive territory.


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