Managing insurance costs

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Managing insurance costs

Household and car insurance, you can’t live without it, but…

It is so expensive, there are so many options it can be overwhelming and I often wonder if I’m being taken for a ride. So, as a part of my austerity plan I decided to investigate – starting with my car insurance. About five years ago we shopped around and found that Women First was the cheapest company for household insurance, and Hollard was cheapest for car insurance.

But it seems things change, a lot! Last week I called Women First and found I can insure my car for nearly half the price of what I am paying with Hollard. Wow! That is a big saving. So as of 1 July we have new car insurance and we’ll save a couple hundred rands every month. Just like that – seriously, three phone calls and it’s done!

The other thing I was wondering about is whether I should be working through an insurance broker? Some people swear by them. I had one when I was younger and well, his advice did not rock my world. So, I don’t use an insurance broker, but I am left with a lingering worry. Often it’s only at the point of trying to submit a claim that one is relieved to have someone to negotiate the system. (I hope I never regret my decision to go broker-free!)

For now, I am saving a little every month on my insurance, I am broker free and I am looking around to see where else I can make some savings. And in my next column – we’ve got another birthday party. I’ll share some tips on how we tried to do it cheaply and whether it worked or not!


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