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ETF: CoreShares launches ETF platform

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Investing doesn’t have to be hard. Have an index-tracking investment plan resembling the Just One Lap ETF portfolios. Keep your costs low and stick to your guns. Buying and selling leads to costs, which defeats not only your investment plan, but also eats into your investment value. In these principles CoreShares CEO Gareth Stobie echoes investment giants John Bogle and Warren Buffett.

With 10 index-tracking investment products in their stable, the CoreShares team have been bastions of low-cost index investing. The recent addition of the CoreShares S&P500 and Global Property ETFs have added much-desired offshore products to an already comprehensive passive range.

To complete the low-cost offering, the company is introducing an ultra modern, easy to use online investment platform. Resembling an online shopping portal, it’s as cheap as it is easy to use. A live test of the completely paperless Fica process had us verified and ready to transact within 10 minutes of opening an account.

While only CoreShares products are available on the platform, the company offers a range of ETF products that could easily accommodate a variation on the Just One Lap ETF portfolios. While local and international bonds aren’t within the CoreShares product offering, investors looking to diversify out of equity can opt for the Hollard Prime Money Market Fund or the truly unique CoreShares Preference Share ETF (PREFTX).

A minimum lump sum investment of R1000 or a monthly investment of R250 is required to get things going. These investments can be made within a tax-free investment account. Investors who have already invested their tax-free allocation for the year has the option of an ordinary investment account at no additional cost.

Simon and CoreShares CEO Gareth Stobie will be at Riverside Hotel in Durban on 24 May 2017 to discuss the new platform, the huge success of CoreShares’ new S&P500 ETF and the investment principles we live by. Send an email to if you’d like to attend this event for free.

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