2021 Highlights

Njabulo Nsibande Cash Club, Latest

2021 was an eventful year with a good helping of highlights and lessons. In this blog, I’d like to share a few of my key takeouts for the year. 

Playing a strong defence 

To play a good offence you need to play an even better defence. If there was one big money lesson I learned, it’s that you need a strong defence to have a strong attack. I cannot stress the importance of having cash in your portfolio enough. Cash is that strong defence you need. 

This year I also experienced first hand why it’s so important to save money, because you don’t know when your money will need to save you. We were hit with a big item expense, but we manage to get through it with significantly fewer scars – all because of our money-saving habits throughout the years. Playing that good defence. 

Money Challenge and the house

I reached my Money Challenge savings target! I only have half of it left, as I used the other half when we bought a house this year. This was 2021’s biggest highlight for our family.

Trading well

One of my most important goals for 2021 was to be a better trader than I was at the start of the year. After 183 perfect trades (and counting), I can confidently say I’m a much better trader today. I achieved this by keeping things simple, and having discipline, courage and focus.

The investment club

Our investment club hit the R100,000 milestone in our portfolio – and we’re continuing to grow our assets slowly.

My top 5 goals for 2022

  • Be a better trader at the end 2022 than I was at the start of 2022
  • Listen to 100 audiobooks, read (and finish) at least 10
  • Grow VillageTrader
  • Teach trading and investing to high school children 
  • Make better money decisions

(My real list is way too long to hit every single goal.)

I would like to thank everyone at JustOneLap, every reader, everyone on Follow the Trader, and the Fat Wallet Community. I wish you all a blessed and safe festive season and an even better 2022.

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Njabulo Kelvin Nsibande

Njabulo Nsibande is a Just One Lap user-turned-contributor and a founding member of an investment club. His “Cash Club” blog details his experiences balancing the financial obligations of a young parent with his investment aspirations.

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