In this weekly podcast, Just One Lap founder Simon Brown talks to money, investing and trading experts about everything from market news and investment strategies to how ETFs are assembled. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or visit Just One Lap every Thursday for your weekly fix.

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Few people are spared the anxiety of balancing a personal and household budget. Blogger Donna is a single mother of two small children. In this blog, she candidly discusses her financial woes and the strategies she employs to make it through the month.

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The high intensity world of trading is not for the faint of heart, as Trader Petri Redelinghuys explores in this blog. With a strong focus on trading strategies, Petri is as frank about his trading successes as he is about his failures. This is a must-read for any and all traders.

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At Just One Lap, we are big fans of passive investment using ETFs. In this weekly blog, we explain which index each ETF tracks, what type of portfolio could benefit from holding each ETF, and how the costs will affect your bottom line.

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In The Fat Wallet Show we admit that we don’t know everything. It’s a show about learning, about asking questions and about calling bull on people who think jargon is an appropriate way to answer a question. Hosted by Kristia van Heerden, the show aims to demystify money so we can all get rich.

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