100 second tips: Win the lotto

Christine MacDonald Latest

Dreaming is good. It starts you thinking about what makes you happy, and it helps you set goals.

A dream, almost by definition, is very different to your current situation. A dream is a dream because achieving it seems impossible. So we say “If I win the lotto I will …”, because we don’t see any other way to achieve the dream.

The danger is that your dream becomes winning the lotto. And buying a lotto ticket is a concrete, practical (and essential) step to achieving that dream!

Don’t focus on the impossible gap between your dream and your current reality. You have the goal – you’re at the start of your journey. What can you do today to travel closer to your dream?

If you still need convincing, have a look at this post from our friend Stealthy Wealth: How likely are you to win the lotto?

Sometimes a hundred seconds is all it takes.

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